A Quick Peek at Our Smoking Prevention Program

TEACHERS:  Have you ever wished for a super-engaging way to introduce a smoking prevention unit to your students, one that will motivate them to stay smoke-free for life? THE CALL is an award-winning film that will captivate your kids from the very first shot. It’s an emotionally powe
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The Call Has Five Distributors!

We’re excited to announce that The Call is now represented by five educational video distributors and school suppliers, spreading our message and distributing the program to schools in the U.S. and abroad. The companies are: Follett School Solutions: www.follett.com Distribution
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THE CALL in French!

French native speakers can now watch THE CALL subtitled in French! Our plan is to subtitle the film in Spanish and other languages as the demand arises. To download THE CALL with French subtitles, email us at:  info@thecallmovie.org  
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Our Anti-Smoking Message Is Spreading

It’s Back-To-School time, and THE CALL is appearing in more and more schools! We’re excited to announce that THE CALL now has 4 distributors. Nimco (KY) and Distribution Access (Canada) are our educational video distributors, and Follett (IL) and Health Edco (TX) are school supp
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