FILM FESTIVAL OFFICIAL SELECTIONS:  NYC Independent Film Festival (NY), International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (Los Angeles, CA), Chinh India Kids Film Festival (New Delhi, India), Green Bay Film Festival (WI), West Chester Film Festival (PA), On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Festival (TN).

WINNER:  Best Shorts Award

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“This film has the potential to open kids’ minds to the emotional costs of smoking at a stage when they can still hear this lifesaving message.”

–Michael Thun, MD, American Cancer Society

A fine educational product… sends a powerful message with just the right amount of hard-hitting reality to greatly impact the targeted age group.”

–Margo Sidener, President and CEO of Breathe California of the Bay Area

“The Call is an outstanding short with a great message on a lot of levels. I have shown it to my PE classes on rainy days. They get it. It’s very powerful.”

–Lin Hancock, PE Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest, IL

It was a hit! All of their faces [5th and 6th graders] were glued to the screen the entire time. They absolutely got the message: do not smoke. Up to this point, the ‘Just Say NO’ message has been conveyed to them via statistics. They preferred this story format. They clearly identified with Becky.”

–Susan Lucci, Circle Facilitator, River Forest, IL

It was easy to relate to and made me feel sad, how smoking tears people apart.”

–6th grader, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest, IL

“The film is a wonderful short ice-breaker for discussing the topic of smoking. We have 3 smoking cessation instructors that use The Call in their classes. It really helps our clients!”

–Linda Hildebrandt, Health Educator, Kankakee County Health Dept., Kankakee, IL

“The Call is such an amazing film, I’ve watched it like thousands and thousands of times, to be honest. Please tell everyone (cast and crew) that this movie is like a one in a trillion and should be watched by every human being on this earth.”

–Keerthana Rajeev, 9th grader from Thalassery, India

The Call’s anti-smoking message could not be more vividly expressed. We are including the film in our Outreach Program, which we bring to Chicago area schools. I believe our students will be greatly impacted by its message.”

–Nick Angotti, Co-creator and Facilitator, Dialogue for Peace Outreach Program, Chicago, IL

This is an excellent project. I have shown the film to several audiences since the [Great American Smokeout] event, including medical students and quit smoking support groups […] and will continue to utilize it as a teaching tool.”

–Patti Jacobs, Coordinating Manager of the Harlem Hospital’s Quit Smoking Department, Manhattan, NY

A powerful short piece…needs to be seen.”

–Linda Powell, Fine Arts Teacher, Trinity High School, River Forest, IL

It is a strong message and very well done.”

–Kelsey Romney, State 4-H Office, Utah State University Extension, Logan, UT

Loved the movie.  It’s on my laptop in reception. My kids watch it while they wait for mom and dad, and I am showing it to my adult smokers too so they will want to  be around for their kids and grandkids.  What a service you have provided, and may you be blessed with many schools jumping on board, and many lives improved, and saved.

–Warren Angelo, DC, Santa Cruz, CA

I was thinking about watching this movie for a couple of months but I was not ready. Finally I watched it and it changed my life. I realized that I want to be there for my family and my little boy. I am now smoke free for 6 weeks (woo hoo). It was easy for me after seeing this movie. I started running every day and I plan to run a marathon next year.”

–Elzbieta Maciejowska, Chicago, IL

Elizabeth’s testimonial (video)

A beautifully done film. The imagery is lovely and your young actors are both quite good. The message is powerful and certainly will make a smoker think twice before lighting up again.”

–Lisa King, Director, Brooklyn Film Festival’s kidsfilmfest

A somber yet sparkling redemption tale that showcases the filmmakers’ skills.”

–Robinson Devor, Writer/Director, “The Woman Chaser,” “Zoo”

Solemn, moving, captivating. For a short film, tears welled with the ‘The Call.’ The ocean captures the imagination and the filming urged the senses…the Grandpa was brilliant…thanks again!”

–Yosef Pollack, L.Ac., Chicago, IL

Well done! Excellent photography, lighting, sound and editing.  Plus a good story, short and simple and we all get the message.”

–Carole Dean, CEO, From the Heart Productions, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Nicely done drama that makes a statement using the visuals. RECOMMEND.”

–Barb Doyon, script consultant, Los Angeles, CA


“The Teacher’s Guide for THE CALL is an exceptionally well-crafted teaching tool. It captures all the essentials needed to bring the movie’s message into the classroom in an engaging, relevant manner. It offers the following:
  • A compelling catalog of statistics that prepares teachers with the background information needed to introduce the subject and equip students with the facts they need to make informed decisions about smoking.
  • A step-by-step approach that is user-friendly but allows for adaptability to accommodate diverse classroom populations.
  • Creative, contemporary discussion questions and extension activities that will appeal to the varied personalities of middle school students.”   
–Barbara R. Koren, M.Ed.
Educational Consultant at Beverly Public Schools, Waltham Public Schools, Concord Public Schools, Boxborough Public Schools, Lynn Public Schools, EDCO Educational Collaborative, CASE Educational Collaborative, North Shore Educational Consortium, Southern New Hampshire University
Adjunct Faculty at Simmons College, Framingham State University, Lesley University

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