Educators Package

The Educator’s Package is available as a deluxe DVD, a download, or streamed.

All versions include the Film, Teacher’s Guide, and Soundtrack.

A Pre/Post questionnaire for students is available, gratis, upon request.
Spanish and French subtitled versions of the film are also available upon request.

DVD = $97.00

DOWNLOAD = $47.00

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Product Description

The Educators Package consists of three elements:

1. “THE CALL” movie

THE CALL is an award-winning short film that stops kids from smoking
before they begin. It’s the touching story of a sister and brother and how
each deals with the illness of a loved one who is a smoker.

2. The Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide provides 24 printable pages of compelling discussion
questions, handouts, and two lesson plans that:
  • raise awareness of the consequences of smoking
  •  help kids make sense of the misinformation disseminated by tobacco companies,
    the media, and ads
  • empower kids to resist peer pressure with confidence.

3. The Soundtrack

Teachers can play the beautiful 3-minute soundtrack while students do the
exercises, to subliminally reinforce the themes of the film.

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