On a perfect beach, two kids await a call. Kyle, the pesky brother, tries every tactic to get his older sister Becky to go home. Becky is determined to wait, however, and none of Kyle’s antics dissuade her.
A surfer emerging from the waves provides distraction for Kyle. But the allure fades when the surfer lights a cigarette.
Finally the call comes through. Becky reads the name on the cell phone, smiles, and answers.
A hacking cough fills the phone. On an old bed in a drab room sits Grandpa. Oxygen flows through tubes into his nose. But the joy in his voice is unmistakable.
Becky turns the phone to the sea, and the sounds Grandpa hears bring back his happiest memories. Kyle, sensing the joy transmitted through this loving act, now wants to participate in the ritual. But it may be too late.

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