Director’s Statement

Upon reading The Call I was mystified and then moved by its clean through line to the timeless truth of its protagonists.
There are moments in childhood which define us and which we will remember all of our days, and it was immediately clear to me that this brief, delicate story had identified such a key moment in the lives of the sister and brother who have come to the beach on a glorious day with very different expectations.
I hoped I might do the story justice as a film, which would require mounting an ambitious effort with precious little resources.  But in committing to bring the film to reality I was so lucky as to find I had two partners equally determined to find a way to bring The Call home.
Together with my two Co-Producers we were able to find just the right combination of Cast, Crew, Locations and all the myriad details required to mount a shoestring production at the highest levels of creativity and professionalism.
And the reward for all of this fun and extremely hard work is that the message of The Call is one that will reach out far far longer than the film itself.
For that I am truly grateful.
— Stephen Messer


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