A Quick Peek at Our Smoking Prevention Program

TEACHERS:  Have you ever wished for a super-engaging way to introduce a smoking prevention unit to your students, one that will motivate them to stay smoke-free for life?

THE CALL is an award-winning film that will captivate your kids from the very first shot. It’s an emotionally powerful story of two young teens – a sister and brother – and how each deals with the illness of a loved one who is a smoker. It has no preaching, no statistics, and no scary graphics, but grabs kids on a personal level with characters they easily relate to.

“THE CALL is such an amazing film. I’ve watched it like thousands and thousands of times, to be honest. This movie is like a one in a trillion and should be watched by every human being on this earth.”
–Keerthana Rajeev, 9th grader, Thalassery, India

THE CALL is an outstanding short with a great message on a lot of levels. I have shown it to my PE classes on rainy days. They get it. It’s very powerful.”
–Lin Hancock, PE Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest, IL

The Teacher’s Guide is the companion-piece to the movie. It provides background info for the teacher, compelling discussion questions, creative activities, and two lesson plans.

Now you can access a SUMMARY of the Teacher’s Guide, which includes everything in the Guide except the lesson plans. Go to thecallmovie.org/TeachersGuideSummary.pdf for a sneak peek at the program.

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