THE CALL is a short dramatic film that motivates kids to stay smoke-free.
It’s a delicate but emotionally powerful story of two young teens 
– a sister and brother –
and how each deals with the illness 
of a loved one who is a smoker. 

It has no preaching or scary graphics,
but grabs kids on a personal level they can easily relate to.


“THE CALL is such an amazing film, I’ve watched it like thousands and thousands of times, to be honest.
This movie is like a one in a trillion and should be watched by every human being on this earth.”
–Keerthana Rajeev, 9th grader, Thalassery, India

“THE CALL is an outstanding short with a great message on a lot of levels. 

I have shown it to my PE classes on rainy days. They get it. It’s very powerful.”
–Lin Hancock, PE Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School, River Forest, IL

“Powerful.”                    “Touching.”                    “Inspiring.”


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